Shipping / Shipping Costs for Coins

The costs for shipping have to be paid by the buyer.


Value up to 500 Euro:   8,- Euro
shipping company: Hermes incl. insurance

Value over 500 Euro:  from 12,- Euro (depending on value)
shipping company: Hermes / UPS incl. insurance


Foreign Countries

Value up to 500 Euro:  from  8,- Euro (depending on weight and value)
Value over 30,- Euro: for every complete step of 100 Euro an additional fee of 2 Euro is due for insurance
maximum insurable value: 500,- Euro 
shipping company: Deutsche Post 

Value over 500 Euro:   from 19,- Euro (depending on value and country of destination)
shipping company: Fedex incl. insurance


Shipping / Shipping Costs for Books

The fees for dispatch will be calculated individually after the auction according to size, weight and delivery address and will be communicated together with the invoice.