We support our customers precisely in compiling a collection, that meets the individual requirements and intentions.
We clarify the possible methods of marketing coins or objects to our consignerns and look together for an optimal answer to their specific needs.


You are welcome to consign coins for our auctions. We will advise you about the ideal marketing method and guarantee for a quick and transpararent transaction.


We will be pleased to submit an offer for purchasing precious single pieces or high grade collections owned by you at fair and competitive prices.

Grasping History

Getting in touch with authentic objects of ancient times makes understandable the story behind an artefact. The immediate contact with the nature of objects opens up astonishing perspectives on this evidence of human creativity in history, that cannot be achieved by studies from afar. An intent and curious observer will constantly be surprised by new insights, if he is able to hold an original in his hands examining all sides. Traces of tooling and technical features unveil artistry and an amazing know-how in production. Painstakingly executed, delicate details or a simple, but nevertheless perfectly shaped and functional design disclose different concepts of the value and use of ancient objects. Stylish works of art with a classical appeal and more provincial, unsophisticated or squiggled pieces, often made intentionally in contrast to the former ones, attest different perceptions and interpretations of a past reality with which the manufacturers of these items were confronted daily.